Apache Kafka

Connect to your internal microservices via a message queue

Hightouch integrates directly with Apache Kafka to support high-throughput, distributed, or asynchronous workloads. This destination makes it easy to build a custom connector to your internal systems.Use Cases
  • Publish messages into different topics whenever rows are added, changed, or removed in your data models.

  • Compose your messages using SQL or our Liquid-based templating engine, which supports variable injection, control flow, and loops.

  • Define custom ordering and partition keys.

  • Authenticate with SASL (SCRAM, AWS IAM, etc.) and bring your own certificate authority.

  • Hightouch supports all managed Kafka services (e.g., Amazon MSK and Confluent Cloud), as well as self-hosted instances.

Learn how to send data to Apache Kafka from Hightouch
About Apache KafkaThis integration is part of the Hightouch custom destination toolkit, a suite of developer-focused destinations that make it easy to build custom connectors.
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